Hoverboard: new urban mobility

Hoverboard: new urban mobility

Do you know what’s the most efficient and fastest way of moving around city? Urban mobility is changing completely. What some time ago seemed to be fantasy now it’s becoming reality. The hoverboard is becoming one of the most wanted device all around the world.


What some time ago seemed to be fantasy now it’s becoming reality. Just think about the huge steps autonomous driving technology makes every single day. It will not pass too much before the way we move from one place to another will be completely revolutionised. 

You sure know Casey Neistat. Well, he started a trend of moving around the city with an electric skateboard. More and more people choose  electric devices like skateboards and hover boards to move quickly from one place to another. A Boosted Board costs more that 1.500,00$ which is a lot for most people. That is why we propose to you the hoverboard as a solution.

Electric auto-balanced scooters is another way of calling them. We think it’s a great invention that allows you to move quickly. Hoverboards have usually an autonomy of 8 miles. You can go as fast a 12 mph which might not seem a lot but when you actually try it will be enough. Unlike riding a skateboard, we believe the learning curve of “hoverboarding” it’s way faster. 

People from the all around the world are buying them because they are accessible and fun. Some people even do tricks with them. For a mobility protective, it’s perfect from moving in the city center where cars have to wait long queues. 

There are a lot of models on the market at the moment. Some are sold for huge prices; we recommend you don’t buy those unless you are sure they earn their money. That is way we put together a list of the best one, that are worth the money. 

You intend to go “off-road”, then we recommend bigger wheels. Some of the models we tried are the following.